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July Wedding Special 2018

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July Wedding Special 2018

Hello bride and grooms-to-be! We want to talk about our July Wedding Special but first, congratulations! DC Centre couldn’t be more excited for you as you prepare to make this incredible new step in your lives. We know that starting your wedding planning process can feel intimidating.

Our staff wants to make it as easy as possible from the beginning, starting with our July Wedding Special.

If you book your wedding in July, for a wedding date in June or July of 2019, you will receive our outdoor wedding ceremony package complimentary. A value of $750!

Click here to read more about our outdoor wedding garden.

Make sure to contact us today! We have limited dates left for 2019!

The booking of the wedding reception must take place in July 2018. This special is available to new bookings only. Discounts cannot be used to pay for other areas of the wedding instead of the outdoor wedding ceremony package. Food and beverage is a requirement through DC Centre. Cannot combine with other seasonal discounts.

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So You Want to Do Your Own Wedding Catering

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So You Want to Do Your Own Wedding Catering

Now, more than ever, we are all trying to budget or at least not go into a massive amount of debt. Especially for a single day event like a wedding. That’s why we receive inquiries about renting our venue minus food and beverage, that the couple would prefer to bring in food. Whether it’s a family member that makes their most favorite dish or they want to try and save money by bringing in an outside wedding catering.

We get it! We will be the first to say that we want you to be able to afford your wedding day. Who wants to spend their every last cent and then some, on a single day?

We know why you’re asking to bring in food or bring in outside wedding catering.

But have you asked the right questions? Have you completely weighed the pros and cons? We’ve got a few things you may want to consider before you set your sights on it one way or the other.

* How much pressure can your family member take or are you willing to put on them? This is a tough question. It’s hard to even type it out! They may even say they don’t mind or they’d love to help. You just need to consider how much preparation and time they will have to put in.
* Is this going to be pulling them away from actually being a part of your big day? On the day of, will they be running around? Or will they be able to enjoy your wedding?
* Is the cost that big of a difference? We know this all depends on what venue you’re looking at and what catering service you’re looking at.
* Really weigh the cost and the associated costs that go with an outside wedding catering versus on-site. For instance, DC Centre will provide the entire place setting, chaffers for the food, all staff for tending the bar and cleaning up plates, etc. Does your caterer provide this? Or with every addition are you getting charged?
* If family is doing this, are you expecting family to help clean? Or will you be hiring someone?

When we respond that we require food and beverage at our venue, we do it because yes, we are a business and this is what we do. But we also do this because of the convenience of having on-site and all-inclusive packages. Less money overall, less worry! So try to keep an open mind about what your wedding catering may look like, and at least make sure to talk with one of our representatives to see how big of a bang you can get with a buck. Something we all are looking for!

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At-Home Reception After the Destination Wedding

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At-Home Reception After the Destination Wedding

Blame it on the millennials for changing things up. Many of today’s brides are opting for a destination wedding (DW) with close family and friends and then having an AHR (At-Home Reception) for their extended families and friends once they return. The AHR can occur weeks or months after the ceremonial part has concluded. This is an extremely attractive option as the most popular chosen destination wedding locales include Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas, US Virgin Islands and Turks & Caicos. These locations offer the beautiful scenery, landscape and picture perfect weather that every bride dreams of for her wedding day. The primary drawback to a destination wedding is only a few select guests(which is most often close family and a handful of friends) can attend, which leaves out most of your extended family, friends, coworkers and others who would love to help celebrate your special day.

After the Destination Wedding


The DW is finished and now it’s time to party with all of the guests who could not attend (or weren’t invited) to the wedding ceremony. A party back home allows you to have it both ways — you get your fantasy destination wedding without sacrificing the chance to let a broad circle of friends share in your joy. It allows the folks who didn’t get invited to your I Do’s from feeling left out and takes the pressure off the others who may have gotten an invite to the DW but because of expense or work couldn’t make the trip.


At Home Receptions can be as traditional or unique as you want after your destination wedding.

Photography by Mae Small Photography & Birdcage Release

An At Home Reception after the DW can include all or none of the elements of a traditional ceremony and reception day. The key is to make guests feel as though you are doing this for them – as a thank you for supporting them and being part of their lives. The AHR can be as large or small as your budget allows, including dinner, open bar, cake, DJ and dancing!

Many experts agree that an AHR should not include a request for gifts or any “in your face” pictures, slideshows or toasts that include only those who attended your DW. Otherwise, the rest is up to you and your
groom. Enjoy, it’s your day!

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Off-Season and Winter Weddings

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Off-Season and Winter Weddings

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

All of a sudden you have a hundred things on your to-do lists, family to call, friends to ask for their help to be in your wedding party and then there is the matter of your wedding date. Ah, the wedding date. There are certain times a year in your region of the country that are the most popular times to get married and

We love working with couples to create their dream wedding at one of Omaha's premier venues; DC Centre.

more often than not (but winter weddings are so gorgeous!), a couple will go straight for those months because that’s what you know and usually it’s the best temperature outside. Nebraska? June and August last year were our most popular months. Right after that? July and September! The temperatures are nice and you have a decent chance that you know what the weather will bring on your wedding day.

But let’s talk about some other options because you literally have an entire year of dates to choose from!

That “busy” or “peak” season is popular and you will pay for it. There won’t be very many discounts or promotions because businesses don’t need to offer them in order to book those months. But off-season, or winter weddings in Nebraska, wedding dates are where the savings are! We’ve done a few polls from our bridal shows and have seen that almost every bride that comes through has a budget and would like to stick to it for their wedding. That can be really hard to do and get everything that you want. Off-season dates are one of the easiest ways to save money for your wedding and wedding reception.

Winter Wedding Benefits

Let’s use DC Centre for an example, since we can speak to what we do. November, December and January DC Centre's lobby is a great place to take family photos for your wedding ceremony just like this winter wedding did!in the midwest can be cold and unpredictable but that should not be a reason to completely discount a season. Some of the most stunning photos we’ve seen have been in snowy weather (Thank you, Pinterest!). Your reception is most likely going to be inside leaving the weather outside which means for about 6 hours, you just won’t notice it. You could also just really love winter and that’s a bonus for you. So what do you get for having a winter wedding? Well for one, you get married! I kid, but really…you could save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars just on the venue rental charge. So you get a “cheap wedding venue” but is anything but!

Savings on your wedding venue could just be the beginning of your savings! Businesses are willing to work with you during off-season days to fill their calendar, so be willing to work on your date. You may also have more options of businesses to work with since it is a little slower season for weddings.

Make sure to sound off on our Facebook page post with this article and let us know what you think! Are you choosing or did you choose an off-season wedding day and what did you think? We love seeing those winter wedding photos!

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Business Spotlight: VIP Limousine

Posted in: Business Spotlight
Business Spotlight: VIP Limousine

VIP Sedan & Limousine will treat you as a VIP! 

Whether you need intimate transportation for just the two of you, a LimoBus for the entire wedding party, shuttling for the guests or a vehicle for the bachelor/bachelorette party.

VIP has an entire option of small fleet and large fleet options to meet all of your pre-wedding and wedding day needs. We are proud to offer an impeccable fleet of Stretch Limousines, Executive Sedans, Sport Utility Vehicles, LimoBusses, and Super-Stretch Limousines. With lavish interiors, you’ll travel in style and comfort with the best limousine service in the Omaha area. VIP Limousine has a full-time detailing and mechanic team to professionally maintain all of our vehicles, and we employ a professional staff of chauffeurs that have passed both background and substance screenings. The safety and comfort of our passengers is our first priority!

We understand that on your special day you need reliable, clean, and enjoyable transportation. With our exclusive wedding package, all of the details are taken care of for you so you don’t worry about a thing. 

Our Wedding Package Includes:

  • A Professionally Attired Chauffeur
  • Complimentary Champagne or Sparkling Beverage
  • Red Carpet Service
  • “Just Married” Signs
  • Optional Discounted Get Away Sedan After Reception

As you consider your transportation needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at 402-934-5466 or It would truly be our pleasure to treat you, your fiancé, and the entire wedding party as VIPs.

This is a sponsored post.
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