Consider a Day-Of Coordinator for Your Wedding

You have planned every moment of your wedding day. You didn’t have a wedding planner. You did it! That’s incredible! With all of life’s other chores and tasks, you managed to plan an entire day of memories for you, your significant other and your guests. That’s something you should be immensely proud of. But before you check off your last to-do and let the day take care of itself, you may want to consider a day-of coordinator. We can lay out a few reasons why this could be a big life-saver for you and your helpers on your wedding day.

Ceremony Details

You should be getting ready and enjoying your morning with your bridesmaids and family. We’ve all seen the photos. You want those photos! What we forget is that when you don’t have someone that’s taking care of the other details that day, you may be roped into putting out little fires and making last minute decisions on things that really don’t need your attention.

Your day-of coordinator may notice that a couple guests have gotten lost on the way to the ceremony location. Let them take care of figuring out how to fix that! Whether that’s finding someone to post-up or grabbing a sign from the venue. Or maybe music is having some technical difficulties while guests are taking their seats. Let the coordinator work with the DJ, sound tech or string quartet to solve the problem. You shouldn’t need to worry about this!

Questions Galore

The day of your wedding, you just want to enjoy all the hard work. And also marry the love of your life. What you may not realize is that day still may require lots of questions directed at you. We hope not! But sometimes it could. A coordinator will be able to intervene and take care of a lot of them without having to bother you. Things like a guest asking questions about their special ordered meal for dietary concerns. Or let’s say someone needs a ride home after feeling ill or drinking a little too much.

Day-Of Coordinator is There to Help

Besides possible tiny fires and questions directed at you that a coordinator can help with, they’re there to help you! You’re getting ready and realize there is a small stain on your dress from transportation. Who do you talk to?! Your coordinator. No longer do you have to keep track of time for your timeline. Your coordinator can help make sure everything is happening on time. Including when you get to the end of the night and want to make your grand exit. Those sparkler photos you so dreamed of? They can take care of corralling the guests, setting them up and distributing the sparklers so you can exit your reception in an epic manner.

There are really a lot of positives to having a day-of coordinator and even more than we talked about here! But the biggest thing is, is that it could truly relieve some stress for you on your wedding day. We think that’s something to consider spending money on since the end result will leave you to enjoy your special day even more.