Guaranteed Pricing: What Is It and Why Do We Do It

One of the biggest checklist items when a couple starts to plan their wedding is the budget. You need to figure out what your budget is! The entire wedding literally depends on it. That means that not only is it one of the first items on the list but also one of the biggest items. One thing that makes budgeting difficult is the actual wedding reception. The guest count adjusts which in turn changes your catering cost, your bar cost, possible staffing changes. Beyond the guest count though, what if the venue or caterers costs change? Something you had absolutely no control over? That’s why we provide guaranteed pricing.

So what is guaranteed pricing?

Guaranteed pricing means that even if our menu prices change for the items on your contract, we won’t change your price. No matter how far in advance you’ve booked your event! We have a fairly expansive catering menu and out of the entire thing we only have one entree that we need to adjust for market price if chosen. That means, that besides that one item, no matter what you choose on our menus, you are guaranteed to pay that same price no matter our cost.

Why do we provide this benefit?

This is a great question, because really, if the cost to us goes up by the time your wedding comes around we end up making less money. We do this for a couple reasons! The first reason is that it’s a convenience and comforting aspect for our clients. Because we are in the customer service business, this is very important to us. You don’t worry about our prices changing after you’ve booked so we don’t worry about you worrying!

The second reason is for us. When we don’t have to change our pricing for previously booked clients, we don’t have to deal with the headache involved with that. No changing prices for the hundreds of clients we have booked. No figuring out exactly how much to change the pricing. And no worry about how you’re going to react when you see your “new” bill.

So this is what our guaranteed pricing is all about! We hope this shed some light on what this means for us and for you when you book with DC Centre Banquet Facility. If you don’t book with us, make sure to use this information when you speak with other venues and caterers! Being informed before you sign can help you save big bucks in the end.

Congratulations and Happy Planning!