Consider an On-Site Wedding

Consider having an on-site wedding like at DC Centre

In the world of wedding planning, there are endless options and details to make decisions about. Hopefully you’ve already narrowed down your guest list! After that, you’re looking at locations, rentals, invitations, color scheme, date, favors, decor, flowers and more. What’s something that could make a huge difference in your wedding planning? And we mean huge. It’s whether you decide to have an on-site wedding or not. An on-site wedding is a venue that has most everything on-site for the reception. Let us walk you through a couple of the benefits of an on-site wedding reception.

More Convenient Catering

This is probably the biggest benefit to choosing an on-site wedding location. Choosing an off-site wedding location can be absolutely beautiful! Places like parks or beaches have an incredible atmosphere. But there aren’t kitchens in parks. This means that there is a little bit more planning that would go into holding your reception there. Is your caterer going to need a temporary set up? That could cost more. Do you have to have them time it perfectly so the food arrives at the same time guests are? Or do you wait? Do they have fees for timing or for setup?

On-site locations will have full kitchens and able to prepare all of your catering right there. There’s no additional set-up costs or planning for transportation.

Less Rentals

You may not know this going into your wedding planning but depending on your location, your rentals will increase or decrease. Having an on-site wedding generally provides you with tables and chairs, if not more. At DC Centre, we provide our clients with tables, chairs, linens, place settings and staffing. We try to eliminate all those little charges. Our way of simplifying the process for not only our clients but for us as well.

A park wedding reception means that you have to plan for every chair, every table cloth, plate and glass (unless it’s in your agreement with your caterer). If you’re up for the planning and it’s your dream wedding, go for it! But for some, it can be overwhelming unless you have a wedding planner or some help.

We may be biased but those couple things make a huge case for an on-site wedding!

When you start planning looking at what you really want out of your wedding, consider how much extra planning you’re willing to do to pull together an off-site wedding. It can be a beautiful wedding! A wedding planner will also make planning exponentially easier. But if you don’t have a planner and you want to focus on other aspects of the wedding, that’s where on-site locations should be top on your list.

This all really goes back to what your priority list is for your wedding. What do you want to spend more money on. What do you want the biggest impact to be. What’s the most important to you. As long as you go back to this, you can’t make a wrong choice!