So You Want to Do Your Own Wedding Catering

Now, more than ever, we are all trying to budget or at least not go into a massive amount of debt. Especially for a single day event like a wedding. That’s why we receive inquiries about renting our venue minus food and beverage, that the couple would prefer to bring in food. Whether it’s a family member that makes their most favorite dish or they want to try and save money by bringing in an outside wedding catering.

We get it! We will be the first to say that we want you to be able to afford your wedding day. Who wants to spend their every last cent and then some, on a single day?

We know why you’re asking to bring in food or bring in outside wedding catering.

But have you asked the right questions? Have you completely weighed the pros and cons? We’ve got a few things you may want to consider before you set your sights on it one way or the other.

* How much pressure can your family member take or are you willing to put on them? This is a tough question. It’s hard to even type it out! They may even say they don’t mind or they’d love to help. You just need to consider how much preparation and time they will have to put in.
* Is this going to be pulling them away from actually being a part of your big day? On the day of, will they be running around? Or will they be able to enjoy your wedding?
* Is the cost that big of a difference? We know this all depends on what venue you’re looking at and what catering service you’re looking at.
* Really weigh the cost and the associated costs that go with an outside wedding catering versus on-site. For instance, DC Centre will provide the entire place setting, chaffers for the food, all staff for tending the bar and cleaning up plates, etc. Does your caterer provide this? Or with every addition are you getting charged?
* If family is doing this, are you expecting family to help clean? Or will you be hiring someone?

When we respond that we require food and beverage at our venue, we do it because yes, we are a business and this is what we do. But we also do this because of the convenience of having on-site and all-inclusive packages. Less money overall, less worry! So try to keep an open mind about what your wedding catering may look like, and at least make sure to talk with one of our representatives to see how big of a bang you can get with a buck. Something we all are looking for!