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So You Want to Do Your Own Wedding Catering

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So You Want to Do Your Own Wedding Catering

Now, more than ever, we are all trying to budget or at least not go into a massive amount of debt. Especially for a single day event like a wedding. That’s why we receive inquiries about renting our venue minus food and beverage, that the couple would prefer to bring in food. Whether it’s a family member that makes their most favorite dish or they want to try and save money by bringing in an outside wedding catering.

We get it! We will be the first to say that we want you to be able to afford your wedding day. Who wants to spend their every last cent and then some, on a single day?

We know why you’re asking to bring in food or bring in outside wedding catering.

But have you asked the right questions? Have you completely weighed the pros and cons? We’ve got a few things you may want to consider before you set your sights on it one way or the other.

* How much pressure can your family member take or are you willing to put on them? This is a tough question. It’s hard to even type it out! They may even say they don’t mind or they’d love to help. You just need to consider how much preparation and time they will have to put in.
* Is this going to be pulling them away from actually being a part of your big day? On the day of, will they be running around? Or will they be able to enjoy your wedding?
* Is the cost that big of a difference? We know this all depends on what venue you’re looking at and what catering service you’re looking at.
* Really weigh the cost and the associated costs that go with an outside wedding catering versus on-site. For instance, DC Centre will provide the entire place setting, chaffers for the food, all staff for tending the bar and cleaning up plates, etc. Does your caterer provide this? Or with every addition are you getting charged?
* If family is doing this, are you expecting family to help clean? Or will you be hiring someone?

When we respond that we require food and beverage at our venue, we do it because yes, we are a business and this is what we do. But we also do this because of the convenience of having on-site and all-inclusive packages. Less money overall, less worry! So try to keep an open mind about what your wedding catering may look like, and at least make sure to talk with one of our representatives to see how big of a bang you can get with a buck. Something we all are looking for!

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Things to Consider When Having Pets at Your Wedding

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Things to Consider When Having Pets at Your Wedding

You see all those adorable photos of pets (mostly man’s best friend) in wedding photos and you love the idea! But is it really for you?

There are definitely a couple things you want to consider and things that are no-no’s when including pets at your wedding.

Is your pet such an important part of your life that you can’t even imagine getting hitched without them by your side?

You love your parents family dog, but they may not be worth the trouble to find a way to include them in the forever photos with your new hubby/wifey. Really consider how imperative it is that your pet plays a role. If your special day would truly not be complete without your pet watching on as you exchange vows, then it is totally worth the trouble. You would want to have those photos of your pets at your wedding for sure.

Does the venue allow you to bring in your pet?

No, we aren’t talking about your reception venue. Your pets may be able come to the ceremony but the reception is for the humans. Make sure your ceremony location will let you bring your pet to share in your special day. But make sure they are taken home afterwards. Most reception venues will not allow you to bring in a pet because of the food license so there’s no point in fighting this. Anyways, who would want to watch your pets at your wedding while you rip it up on the dance floor? And you certainly aren’t going to want to keep an eye on the little guy all evening, you’re going to be busy!

Are you able to make accommodations to get your pet to and from location?

You are going to be way too busy to make sure that your pet(s) gets to your photo location, to your ceremony site, is watched during the ceremony and then taken and cared for after the ceremony. From experience, because all of our family obviously played an important role in making sure the reception was set up, the cake, and there for photos we had to come up with alternate plans. In our instance, we had a family friend that wanted to help out on our big day. She was kind enough to bring our pets to come get photos and to our ceremony location and then took them home to feed and watch them the rest of the evening. It was extremely generous and the only way we could’ve pulled this off.

Is your pet going to be okay in all the commotion?

It will not be a calm situation for your pet. You may think because it’s a ceremony that it will be quiet and they will be fine but consider all the other things! There are lots of people. So many people! Does your pet do well in those kinds of situations? You have to think about how they are going to feel too, when putting them in this role. If your pet is so anxious that they can’t stand being around anyone but you and your S.O…it may be a good idea to leave them at home. In our case, we had a Golden Retriever who just wants to be friends with everyone, perfect! The other one, a small Pomeranian is very shy in public. My mom walked with her down the aisle and sat on her lap for the ceremony. On my way back down the aisle I picked up my little love-bug and carried her with me. She was fine the whole time, just very quiet and attentive to my every move.

Okay…so now that you’ve at least thought about these a little bit. Are you ready to have your pets at your wedding? Just make sure you plan it out and not wing it, because it definitely won’t work that way. And make sure to think about how your pets are going to handle the people and stress of your big day also!


Happy planning!

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