Why We Don’t List Our Full Venue Pricing Anymore

Why we don't list our venue pricing anymore

Over the years, the inquiries from couples getting engaged haven’t stopped and neither has the request for our pricing. What has changed over the years is the expectation that we will list our pricing, in full, on not only our website but other planning websites. We’ve resisted this request and have only provided reasons to those who have asked directly or our reps for those sites like The Knot or Wedding Wire. Well, we figured what better use of our blog then to give a detailed explanation for why we don’t list our venue pricing in full anywhere.

Questions Galore

Most people planning a wedding now want to not only have complete control over their event but also know everything and all options. We get it! We actually really love this! But we’ve also noticed that this can also mean that couples don’t want to speak with anyone either. They want to look up the information they need, have it and be done. Unfortunately, we just can’t work that way. If we handed one of our menus to you, there will most certainly be questions. Our menus are detailed but also surprisingly simple. It’s much easier to go over the menu together so you don’t miss anything.

Pricing Promotions

Our menus give venue pricing for a standard, in-season, Saturday wedding. But what if you aren’t having an in-season wedding or a Saturday wedding? We don’t list any promotions we may be doing. We don’t list discounts for off-peak days or months. If we provided a menu, you would take the pricing at face value rather than learn that you could receive discounts or special promotions. This is a huge possibility with us and we learned that by putting our menus out into the world, couples were cutting us off their list to speak to before they even knew we could save them money.

Why We’re Different

One of the other reasons that we prefer to speak with potential clients is that we have the opportunity to explain why DC Centre is so different than other venues. We’ve worked with thousands of clients over the last 30 years. We love being a part of someone’s event. So much so that we built a business model that is as easy as possible for our clients. By providing our pricing with no comment, we miss the opportunity to share the amazing qualities about DC Centre that we feel match our pricing.

So as you can see, we have several reasons that make it hard to just share our venue pricing without a conversation. We want you to see the competitive pricing we have. Our staff want to work with you! We also want the chance to speak with you and make sure that you get the best possible quote. The best pricing. And that we answer all of your questions before you make any decisions. To make sure that you have some information, we do provide a general price outline for weddings. It’s always better though to chat with us or give us a call!