Taste Testing Your Catering Options

Taste Testing Your Catering Options at DC Centre

We recently (we say recently but it feels like a lifetime ago) had our catering taste testing event in March and we’ll have our Summer one in August. Each time we hold this little event, it becomes more and more popular. We love that that’s happening! We realize that most of the time you have no idea what’s going on with catering until after you at least have the venue. And when you book your event at DC Centre, we speak a little about the options and provide a menu for you to choose the “general” direction you’re wanting to go. Unless of course you choose to bring in outside catering, different story! Since we’ve got some time in between our tasting events, we wanted to share some of our general FAQs about taste testing and what that looks like at DC Centre.

Why can’t I do a private taste test?

Wouldn’t that be great! Believe us, this is what we would ask for as well. We work with hundreds of clients each year! That could potentially be hundreds of tastings at various times throughout the year. With a venue as busy as we are, this just wouldn’t be feasible. So we came up with an idea to accommodate our clients the best we could We have 3 tastings a year: Spring Summer, Fall. This way no matter when your date is, you have time to catch one of our tastings.

Should I do a tasting?

This is completely up to you! We have plenty of clients who trust that we have a great catering experience. But we totally understand if you want to be extra sure. Maybe you just want some direction on finalizing your menu. Either way, that’s why we’ve put together the tasting event so there’s a way you can do it.

What can I expect at a Taste Testing Event?

We’ve picked a variety of items off our menus, most of which are our most popular options. This way, you get to try a little bit of everything and this includes appetizer samples as well! We fully decorate a suite so you can not only see a set up room but be in it. We also have a cash bar and provide water, tea and pop free of charge. We may be biased but it’s a pretty nice time!

Now, keep in mind that this is just how DC Centre does taste testings. We know other companies that specialize in only catering will do individual platings! And if that is important to you, then you know that those options exist. It should be noted that you do not have to be a current client in order to attend a tasting event at DC Centre. Just watch our Calendar and you’ll see when we put up when you can purchase your tickets to the next tasting event! Sometimes it’s nice to check it out before you even book! We hope to see you there.

Happy planning!