The Rise of the Tiny (Small) Wedding

Over the last few years we’ve seen trends come and go but one trend is on the upswing and we don’t think it’s going anywhere: tiny weddings! Otherwise known as an intimate or small wedding. You may have been to a few of them already, but we think that more and more, couples are choosing to go tiny for a number of reasons. Are you deciding whether or not to have a tiny wedding?

Here are 6 reasons why having a tiny wedding could make your special day just that much more special:

  1. Fewer Guests – We know, your family is gigantic and your 2nd cousin’s husbands family wants to come! But is that what you want? Fewer guests gives you the opportunity to really, truly spend your wedding day with the people that you love and that love you! You will get the chance to talk with each of them throughout your day rather than stop by for a quick “Thank you for coming!” and on to the next guest.
  2. Smaller Bill – A smaller guest list means smaller everything. You can choose a more intimate venue rather than a large one (which could’ve been more expensive). A smaller guest list also means less food to pay for and fewer drinks, fewer favors, fewer centerpieces, basically less of everything! Which usually equals more money in your wallet at the end.
  3. Say ‘Yes!’ – So you’re saving all of the money on a smaller guest list, you can splurge a little (if you want!) on things you really want for your small wedding. Wanted that adorable photo booth? You can do it now! How about those beautiful crystal, calligraphy place cards for your guests that double as favors? Do it!
  4. Involvement – If there are fewer people in attendance at your small wedding, then this can give you a unique opportunity. You have the chance to do something that makes it feel like everyone is really involved on your wedding day. For example: you can have one large reception table so everyone feels like family during dinner! So much fun!
  5. Destination Wedding – You can take this chance, with a smaller wedding, to spend your wedding day at a different location. Your pick! There’s more of a chance that more of the people you invite from a small list will end up going with you. And like we said in our previous post, if you still want that crazy party, come back and have a reception for all of the people that you didn’t invite or couldn’t make it!
  6. Future – Along with a smaller bill in the end, you have the chance to save money to put towards your future as a married couple after your small wedding day. Why not put that extra savings towards a down payment on your new home? Or how about on that amazing honeymoon you really would like to take. You’d have the opportunity to make even more memories as a couple.

So what do you think? There is no denying the benefits that can come from having a tiny wedding but is it for you?

There are lots of things to consider when planning your wedding and you just can’t rule out the idea of having a small wedding!

Best of luck in your planning and congratulations!