Choosing Your Wedding Date

Choosing Your Wedding Date with DC Centre

Congratulations! You’re engaged! But now what? You can tell your family and friends and announce to everyone that you and your SO are going to tie the knot. Now’s the time to start planning and it all starts with finding the perfect wedding date. But is there such a thing? Where do you start?

Narrow Your Season Down

You’ve probably already started a Pinterest board dedicated to your wedding day inspo. Do you see a trend in the season that you’re pinning? Have you and your spouse-to-be had a chance to imagine the weather that is going to be surrounding your big day? Just narrowing down the season is a big step. This will change how early you need to start planning, your wedding theme and design. It can also potentially change how many guests will be RSVPing yes or no.

Watch Out for Holidays

Next up is making sure that holidays aren’t going to be an issue. Sometimes even making sure that the date isn’t on a game day for a sport popular in the area is a necessity. If you don’t mind some guests not coming because they have tickets, feel free to proceed as planned.

Flexible Wedding Date

With all of those things to think about and concern yourself with when you’re choosing your wedding date…try to be flexible otherwise! You may need that if you want all of your preferred vendors to fit together like the perfect puzzle piece. Be open to a Friday even! There are vendors that will even have promotions and flexible pricing for non-peak seasons and days. And one of the biggest suggestions we can make is that if you’ve found the perfect venue, don’t wait too long. Some couples will wait trying to make sure the other vendors are on board. Venues that can hold your count, in your price range and are also available on the dates you’re looking at may be in short supply.

We’re not sure that there is such a thing as a perfect wedding date. Why? Because any date that you get to marry your best friend should be the perfect date!