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Why Choose DC Centre as Your Wedding Venue?

ASI_3 Why Choose DC Centre as Your Wedding Venue?

Guaranteed Pricing
When you sign the DC Centre wedding venue contract for your event, even if it is 6-12 months away the pricing will not change! We understand that budgets are set well in advance. Our contracts, therefore, do not include any statement or disclaimer allowing us to increase our prices, even if our costs increase. What you sign for is what you will pay. Guaranteed!

All-inclusive Rental Fees
Everything is included in your wedding venue rental. Everything! We don’t charge for incidentals. We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about how many napkins and tablecloths and extension cords you are using. With us, you don’t have to.

Flat Rate Beverage Service
DC Centre’s exclusive wedding venue beverage pricing is as good as it gets. We charge a flat fee for the entire evening! No more worrying about how many kegs are tapped or bottles are opened; it simply doesn’t matter!

September 2015 – From the day we toured until the day of our reception, the DC Centre exceeded our expectations! Setting up our room was amazing, so many compliments, and it was a weight off our shoulders knowing everything was in good hands and to be done how we specified! Denise was our gal we worked with, and I am beyond grateful for her help throughout the whole planning process! The food was good, bar tenders were great, and the staff there were fantastic! Thank you DC Centre for giving us the best reception we could have ever asked for!

Claire MacDonald

Special Services

We provide the following wedding venue services, included, for your event:

  • Setup
  • Assistance with Cake Cutting
  • Use of Bridal Restroom
  • Room Captain
  • Servers
  • Bartenders
  • Decorating
  • Centerpieces with Mirrors
  • Security
  • Cleanup

903672_10151305780107583_594993428_o-1024x681 Why Choose DC Centre as Your Wedding Venue?


The owners of DC Centre, Buddy and Pamela Christianson have owned and operated the company since 1978. Previously known as Dance City of Omaha, the owners have strived to create an environment that treats all customers fairly, from the pricing, to the venue; all are designed to be affordable for everyone. Our position in the Omaha area is solid and we expect to be serving the community for a very long time.

Accredited by the BBB

We are proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are part of an elite group that has made a public commitment to honesty, accountability and integrity. DC Centre is also members of the following:

  • SBAM – Small Business Association of the Midlands
  • MBA – Midwest Bridal Association
  • Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
  • Association for Wedding Professionals